Saturday, October 10, 2020

Tracker220 First Chapter!


Today is a special day. First, it's my five year wedding anniversary. And while that's an important day for me and my husband (yeah we've lasted five years, have a two year old, and have survived a pandemic without killing each other), I'm sure you came to this blog for other book related reasons.

I can't hardly believe it, but TRACKER220 will be out in the world in 10 days! TEN! That's all and then the world will be reading my book baby. I'm so excited for the world to dive into this story.

And even though it's my anniversary, I have a gift for all of you. Five years is typically the gift of wood, but you know what's made of trees and you know what also comes from trees? Paper. And what's printed on paper? Books... And... oh where was I going with this?

Oh yes, books. So here's your surprise. Tracker220 might not come out for ten more days but you can read the first chapter, in it's entirety right now. Check it out!

Chapter One of Tracker220