Friday, October 16, 2015

The REAL Adventures of a Newlywed - Day 5

Thursday, October 15, 2015
5:30am The alarm goes off. I'm tired but it's the usual everyday tired not the zombie like exhaustion that has been seeping through my bones the last week. I check Twitter then roll over and snooze for a bit.

6am I basically ignore my second alarm but get up when Andrew's alarm goes off. My body hurts. My shoulders, abs and thighs are all sore from my workout. I'm not all that surprised. I stumble around in pain trying to get ready. Andrew asks what time it is then goes back to bed. The dog stays with him. TRAITOR.

I make breakfast. As soon as I pour the cereal the dog emerges and wants to go out. I see how it is...
After taking the dog out, I put the cookies in the car so I remember to bring them today. Then I dig the milk out of the fridge. Maneuvering in there is like a slide puzzle with all that left over cake. But it's cake so I'm not complaining...

I plop in front of the TV to eat and surf the web mindlessly for a bit. When I get up to get ready Andrew is in the shower. CUE BATHROOM INVASION! I'm in an out in less than five minutes and on my way to work.

7:20ish am Cookies are on my desk! Score one for the day. I get logged into my computer and actually remember my password this morning. Run into a coworker I haven't seen in years who apparently knows one of my other coworkers. I'm always amazed at how small this enormous world feels sometimes... And after a quick conversation it's off to emails!

Looks like my coworker brought in cookies too. We are now drowning in them... There are worse problems to have.

9am Get an email from my sister about wedding planning. The fun begins :) I can't wait to help her plan her big day. Hopefully we are skilled experts at this point. She luckily gets to learn from all our missteps.

9:30am a quick tagup with the SWE planning team. They want to know about the wedding then we launch into business. I think we talked longer about the wedding than business. oh well.
Andrew messages me to tell me his brain is mush and he's not sure why... Welcome to the club... it's cause BIG EMOTIONAL RELEASE!

And I get a message about some confusing deadlines... one calendar says tomorrow the other says next Friday. It's definitely next Friday. I blame wedding brain cause that's totally a thing! (If not it is now!)

It's noon and some coworkers want to go to lunch. How is the day more than half over already? We talk about past work experiences, then talk about how long we've been with the company. One of my coworkers jokes I'm as old as the development of the digits in pi. I laugh and promise to steal it to use on someone else :-P Then it's back to my desk for more work! Never a dull moment!

4pm I stop at the jewelry store to get my engagement ring and wedding band soldered together. They say it'll take 45 minutes. I run home, let the dog out, grab my computer and my wedding dress.
I drop my dress off to be cleaned and preserved. It costs an arm and a leg and I wont get it back for at least two and a half weeks, but it should be worth it. It's the last large sum of wedding I hope to spend outside of the honeymoon, which will again be TOTALLY worth it. The wedding is over and yet there are still wedding type things to take care of. It never ends!

5:15pm I trot into Kaldi's and sit down at my weekly write in. I haven't been here in two weeks and probably haven't written anything constructive in over a month. I'm excited to put some words on the page!

My mom calls. We're still somehow talking about the wedding. Mostly presents, but she never got a call from the florist about the fact that they didn't do the flowers right. While very pretty, they weren't what we asked for. She was promised a call from the owner and never got one. Where is customer service these days???

6:30pm My gluteus maximus hurts... Curse that workout yesterday....

6:45pm I'm freezing... I want my Star Labs hoodie **cries** Why did I leave that at home? It's practically glued to me most days. *favorite hoodie*

6:55pm I finally open my word document to start writing... headphones in... **dives into the dragon's lair**

7pm **light saber sounds** cue text messages from my mom... More wedding presents have arrived at her house.


1 hour and 540 words later, I call it quits. I've done better in the past, but I've also done much worse. It'll take some time to get back into a rhythm. It will come. I hope.

9pm I get home and I'm on the hunt for a dress to wear to my friend's wedding on Saturday. Because let's face it, I've had not time until now to really figure that out. The first dress is one I bought my freshman year of college. I almost fit in it again. I'm shocked! But it's just a tad tight and I'm not going to be uncomfortable all night. The second dress I put on is the winner! It fits better than when I bought it! SCORE! And Andrew likes the dress, like really likes it. DOUBLE SCORE! And I get to wear my super cute but super high heels. My feet will be dying by the end of the night. Oh well the price I pay for cute.

I watch an episode of Ellen then head off to bed. Andrew is already there playing with his new computer. (No that's not a euphemism) I lay down next to him but Andrew gets a work call and I pass out. I have no idea what time he actually goes to sleep. Such is life...

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