Thursday, October 15, 2015

The REAL Adventures of a Newlywed - Day 4

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
5:30 comes way WAY too soon. Even though I slept like a rock, I'm still exhausted. Why did I ever think this was a good time to get up for work?

6am the alarm goes off again. I seriously contemplate a sick day, but I've missed enough work. Five minutes later Andrew's alarm goes off and I want to chuck it out the window! I finally crawl out of bed and stumble around like a drunken idiot to try and get ready for the day. Andrew mumbles at me to close the bathroom door because the light is bothering him. I'd love to still be in bed too buddy!
I take the dog out... Why is it so cold? ugh I hate winter and it's not even winter yet. I surf the web in a daze and watch the news while I eat breakfast. I'm so slow the dog nearly enjoys my breakfast for me... At least one of us is on our game.

7:30am I slink into my desk and realize I left the cookies I was going to bring into work on the counter. Oh well I guess I'll bring them tomorrow. I log into my computer and I get my password right on the second try. I'm almost awake I swear!

Email boots up, 122 emails, 17 notifications, and 2 voicemails... could be worse, but it'll take me probably half a day to dig out of this pile. Then another bit of time to figure out what the heck I was working on a week ago...

I catch up with co-workers. They ask how things went and comment on how tired I look. Guess I'm not hiding that as well as I thought. Note to self, go to bed at 8:30pm tonight (like that will happen)

8:30am Time for our team tagup. I've made it through about 20 emails but now I have to go run the meeting. So glad to be back :-P The team asks to see some wedding photos then we launch into real work. At the end of the meeting, we joke about my upcoming name change and my manager tells the team to email me with suggestions... Looks like Junior High might not be the last time I get really horrible nicknames ;)

9:30am A quick tagup with my mentor talking about my wedding and his son's that is next weekend. Then I stop by to say hi to my old group. Then it's back to my desk to continue to dig out of my email pile.

10:30am I'm starving. Is it time for lunch yet? I scarf down the half of a banana that isn't bruised but I'm still hungry... Contemplates eating stupid early... Also I'm only up to midday Friday on emails... still chugging along...

I'm down to 69 unread emails... **snickers** I'm such a child. Carries on...
I trek to the building next door to use the restroom since ours are closed for construction while they install new air conditioning units. It looks/sounds like Dexter's clean room over there... so much plastic and sawing noises.

Andrew messages me about computer toys. I send him "OK" as a response but don't have time to read the link.

And oh look it's after 11am so I can acceptably eat lunch now! YAY! **keeps reading emails**

11:30am I jump on a virtual call with only 30 emails left to go. I think I can I think I can...
And back to emails. The first one involves a database glitch. One of the images we uploaded has been replaced by the picture of a jellyfish and the inquiry is about whether or not I did that intentionally. While I'd love to take credit for that, I unfortunately can't. And even though jellyfish might be water dynamic, they certainly don't belong on aircraft. Neither do snakes for that matter... never a dull moment.

I looked away for a short bit and I'm back up to 33 emails... They're multiplying like tribbles or gremlins who got wet and ate after midnight... UGH.

HOLY MOLY I'm actually up to Wednesday in my inbox... almost there...

2pm I finally cleaned out my inbox, and by clean I mean deleted everything I could address quickly. There's still a handful of stuff in there I need to deal with but it's time for another meeting...

3pm DEAR GOD IS IT TIME TO GO HOME YET? And the construction guys are bowling with lord knows what behind that plastic resembling Dexter's clean room. **cries**

5pm I'm home and ready to return to my workout routine... Why in the world did I think it was a good idea to start on the highest level after a week of not exercising...CURSE YOU T-25 GAMMA! sooooo sore

I write two thank you notes... for the gift that arrived today... hey small victories.

Andrew and I eat dinner while watching Ellen. Justin Theroux is on and conveniently talking about being a newlywed. He says wife is such a fun word. I prod Andrew about it and he mumbles something under his breath. Ahhh married life ;)

Browsing through facebook, I see pictures of other friends' weddings that were on the same day as ours. Look they're cutting the cake and there's a plate and fork... how cute... why didn't we have a fork? I think I still have cake on my face 4 days later!

It's Andrew's turn for thank you note writing. He says he's going to write three... cause he always has to one up me ;) So I give him crap about the fact that I'm almost done with all of mine. Fair is fair ;) I at least address the envelops for him.

8:30pm I make fun of Scream Queens and tell Andrew that "I love that he's a man" He replies "I'm sure you do baby." *wink wink*

9pm time for cake... cause cake... you can never have to much. Andrew says I'm going to give him another cavity but doesn't argue too much ;) Then he retreats downstairs having only written two thank you notes. Hey it's something. (and for the record, WE TIED) :-P

Survivor ends and I slink off to bed... Alone. Andrew is still downstairs... not sure how he can stay up so late... I'm jealous.

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