Wednesday, May 8, 2013

On Boycotts...

Boycotts are often a popular way for a large group of people to get a message across that they don't support another individual's or business' point of view. They can be very effective. They can also be a bit controversial. The most recent boycott pursuit is a campaign to boycott the Ender's Game movie because of the author's views on gays and gay marriage.

Now let me say this first, I personally don't agree with Card's views on the issue however, the man is entitled to his opinion. Many may not like it, but we all live in a country where we are free to voice our own opinions. I'm all for healthy debate of opinions and lobbying on your side of the fence. I'll even support some boycotts, however I will say before you boycott something because of one person's views, stop and think about who else you might be affecting.


In the case of the Ender's Game movie, if you are boycotting because of Card's views, you aren't only punishing the author of the series. There are so many thousands of others that put a lot of time and hard work into creating the movie - actors, directors, special effects people, sound people, and on and on and on. So stop for one minute and think about how this not only affects the author (who has already hugely profited on the series), but also the many, many others involved in the project. Just think.

So am I saying don't see the movie, no. Am I saying see it, no. So what is my point here? I'm saying THINK! Everyone's actions has an affect on others and the world around them. So take one minute and think about who and what your actions may affect before you boycott something. Whatever you decide, at least you understand the consequences.


  1. Great article, Jamie! I read this fantastic article awhile back that made similar points and also listed more options than just "see it or not" (like donate the price of a ticket to an organization, etc):

    But yeah, I agree pretty much with everything you said. If I required every author I read to agree with my important issues, then (1) I would have to look up every single author before I bought any book and (2) I would probably have no books to read.

    Also OSC's beliefs or actions cannot change how much an impact his book has had on my life. Because ultimately I'm not a fan of OSC. I'm a fan of Ender. Ender was a childhood friend of mine. And if I judged all my friends on the insanity of their parents, I would have no friends.

    1. You make great points! I agree this book has done so much for my reading, inspiration, and writing! And I like the way you think, I'm a huge Ender fan too. I'll definitely loo into that article. It sounds interesting. :)

    2. and forgot to mention I also love the idea of donating the money to a charity. What a great idea!