Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Venom Readalong Week 4


Did Luca's choices and the complexity of his character surprise you?
I think Luca surprised me quite a bit. Cass seemed to have such mixed feelings about him especially early on when she was ignoring his notes and such that when he actually came around and rescued Cass I was a bit surprised. He seemed more like the chivalrous type but I like that he's also a romantic.
Did you trust Falco the whole time?
Surprisingly yes. I know he wasn't perfect but there was something about him that made me want to believe he was mostly good, and turns out he was. Aside from that whole stealing dead bodies thing ;)

As a whole, did you feel this book was sufficiently creepy and mysterious?
I thought the book was pretty mysterious and creepy. I was constantly asking questions and struggling to figure out what was going on. The whole stealing corpses thing was definitely creepy. Although I thought Belladonna was even more so.
Were you surprised by the ending?
Yes, I was a bit surprised by the end. I loved seeing how everything came together.
Do you think Cass made the right decision concerning the boys in the end? Would you do what she did (answer without spoiling!)
Considering her background and the time she lived in, I think she made the right choice. 
Were you right about the murderer? If not were you surprised?
No. I honestly had no clue who the killer was. I thought it might have been the man in the Falcon mask but as to who that person was, I had no idea. I was quite surprised with how everything turned out. Then again I'm horrible at figuring out who dunits.
Now that you've met both, what Team are you?
After Venom I was all Team Falco, but after Belladonna, I was totally team Luca.
What were your immediate thoughts after finishing? 
Wow, who knew I'd love historical YA so much, and man was Falco a great character, very sexy!


Were you surprised when Luca returned to Venice? Why or why not?
Not really. I kept waiting for Cass to read the letter and the longer she went without reading it, I knew Luca had to come into play at some point.
Did you find Luca to be more protective or controlling of Cass? Why do you feel that way? 
Controlling no, protective most definitely. I think Luca has been in love with Cass a lot longer than she knows which is why Luca is so protective of her.
What secrets did you initially think he was keeping?
I wasn't quite sure what Luca was up to. I thought he might be spying on Cass to see if she was being unfaithful to him.
Why do you think Falco sent his roommate to deliver his message to Cass instead of coming himself? 
He was either up to something, or he didn't think Cass would see him, or both.
How did you feel about Cass essentially skipping her best friend's wedding to go look for Falco? Understandable? Unforgivable? How did you feel about her obligating Siena to cover for her?
I though Cass was crazy. She should have been there for her friend. I know she wanted answers but I don't think she went about it the right way or at the right time. Siena is very loyal to cover for her. She's a good friend, even if she did it because she felt obligated.
How did you feel about Luca's reveal of his secret? Would you have been angry at him if you were Cass? Why do you think he felt he couldn't confide in her?
No I wouldn't have been angry at Cass. At least not for very long. He probably should have let her know, but I think Luca was doing what he thought he needed to do in order to protect Cass.
I initially wanted a different ending regarding "the boys," but came to realize that Cass's decision is kind of the ultimate girl-power choice. How did you feel about her decision?
I think she made the right decision for herself at the time. She showed a lot of maturity and growth in her decision.

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