Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Venom Readalong Week 3

This post is part of the Venom Readalong. If you haven't checked out Venom I highly recommend it. There's mystery, mischievousness, surprises, fancy dresses, sexy artists, wealthy fiances, gondolas and a whole bunch more set in the beautiful Renaissance Venice.


Cass rarely goes anywhere without her dutiful handmaid Siena in tow. Would you like to have your own handmaid? Why or why not?
I'm not sure I'd like to have a handmaid. While having someone wait on you and help you would come in handy, I enjoy my privacy and alone time, so I don't think I'd want someone with me all the time.
It was very unusual for noblewomen in 1600 to be allowed to study, and later in the trilogy we will find out information about Agnese that explains why she allowed Cass this luxury. What subjects would you study if you were allowed to pick anything you liked?
Astronomy, I'm and aerospace enginerd, enough said ;)
Several readers have brought up that Falco is kind of mean to Cass, teasing her about being rich and essentially calling her a coward. Did you find this as mean? If there is a balance between challenging another person to be better and accepting them for who they are, where do you think Falco falls on this?
I didn't find him too mean in Venom. I thought he was trying to flirt and make the best of the fact that they come from two very different worlds. I don't think he was intentionally trying to be mean, I think Falco was trying to get a rise out of Cass. I think Falco falls more on the side of challenging Cass to see outside her world, but there are times he takes it a bit too far.
If there's a balance between brave and stupid, where does Cass fall when she sneaks out of the house to go investigate the chapel at San Giuda by herself? Have you ever wanted to know something so badly that you put yourself in danger to get your answers? do you think it is all right to expect more from book characters than from real people?
I think there is most certainly a balance between brave and stupid and I think Cass for the most part is brave. I think when Cass went to explore the chapel she was being mostly brave. She had no way of knowing what she would find there. I think she got out at the right time. 

As for myself, there have been times when I've wanted to know things that I did things that would have probably made others made if they found out what I was doing, but I never put myself in danger. I think to an extent we do expect more from book characters but it still needs to feel plausible.
What was your initial thought when you saw what Falco was doing in the graveyard attached to San Giuda? Did it seem horrible to you or not that big of a deal? Do you think your age or culture or religious beliefs affect how you felt?
When I found out what Falco was doing in the graveyard my heart sank. I knew it couldn't be anything good and I thought he was stealing from he bodies. It felt like a huge betrayal to Cass and I definitely don't agree with digging up dead bodies. I don't think my age, culture or religious beliefs factored into to how I felt. I thought Falco was up to something that wasn't good.

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