Sunday, September 24, 2017

Why I Fight For Women in STEM

This world has a problem. Well many in fact, but one of the ones I'm most equipped to deal with is the war against women in STEM. It's a fight I've been in my whole life but only recently really started finding my voice for. And when I see women in STEM facing adversity it really grinds my gears. I've been there. It's a horrible place to be. It makes you want to quit. It's really REALLY hard to find your voice and the best way to speak up. To even know it's okay to say something without fear of repercussion.

And I have to say an interesting thing happened when I started speaking up. Rather than people telling me to shut up as I suspected might happen, people started thanking me. Thanking me for saying something and for saying it eloquently. And the weirdest part of all, they told me to keep speaking up. So I have.

And when I woke up this morning to a tweet from one of the seniors on the robotics team I mentor, I couldn't stay silent.
She tweeted this article:…/silicon-valley-men-backlash-gende…
with the caption "Welp wish me luck"

It pains me that young women excited about engineering not only have to see this stuff, but also STILL have to think about how to handle situations like this before they even enter college, let alone the workplace. And it's horrible that women today still have to deal with this kind of Bullshit.Yep I said BULLSHIT. Because that's exactly what it is.

This young lady is one of the brightest programmers I have ever met, and programming was not even on her radar until she joined the robotics team 3 years ago. She is almost completely self taught and has come so far. Now she is looking at it as a major and a career. To see this excitement from a confident young woman waiver in the slightest bit breaks my heart.

THIS is why I mentor. This is why I wont be silent. And this is why I keep fighting. Because people STILL don't realize the opposition women in STEM face. It shouldn't be like this. And I fight so that one day it won't be. In the meantime, I'm glad I have other strong women I can band together with, and I'm glad I can inspire the next generation of strong women in STEM. If you have the opportunity to inspire young women in STEM, support them and fight for them. Help them find a voice where they don't have one.

This is why I fight for women in STEM, not just because I am one, but for the future. We need women in STEM. We need diverse voices. It's how we will ultimately learn, grow, and be more innovative as a society. Every person has a unique background. Embrace those differences around you and rise to the top as a group. One persons differences does not prevent you from reaching your goals.


Work together and achieve those goals together.

And if you're a women in STEM feeling lost, without a voice, or at their wits end, know that I'm here for you. Know that's I've been there. And know that we can fight it and make it better. In the meantime, let's talk about it, let's support each other, and let's win this fight.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

NEWS and Awesome Things

Hey everyone... I know it's been a hot minute since I've last blogged. Sorry about that. The end of 2015 and all of 2016 was quite the busy year. Lots of life changes and family happenings. And in addition to all of that, I've been hard at work planning a regional conference for the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) which is in 3 days! EEK!

And oddly enough my awesome news has something to do with SWE. I love happy coincidences!

All right I'll stop stalling. The big news...

My sci fi short story Arch Nemesis about a girl trying to thwart her arch nemesis who has a secret lab underneath the St. Louis Arch is going to be PUBLISHED! My story will be included with a whole bunch of awesome other stories in an anthology titled BRAVE NEW GIRLS: Stories of Girls who Science and Scheme which features young women with a knack for STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math)--Girls who engineer, tinker, hack, and more, using their smarts to save the day. It’s got space operas, sci-fi mysteries, steampunk, cyberpunk, all kinds of punk!

Sounds pretty cool right?

Even better...


Proceeds from the anthology will go towards to the Society of Women Engineers scholarship fund! See I told you it had something to do with SWE.

I'm so excited to be part of something that will give back to an organization that has helped me so much in my engineering career.


Yes, there's even more.

I know I can't believe all this awesome all at once.

I've got the cover reveal for BRAVE NEW GIRLS right here on my blog!

So check out the amazing cover to BRAVE NEW GIRLS: Stories of Girls who Science and Scheme.

 Isn't that an amazing cover?


Oh yes, there's still even more news...

Check out the awesome lineup for the anthology!

Stories in the anthology (in alphabetical order by title):

The 17th Quadrennial Intergalactic Neo-Cultural Expo and Science Fair by Jeanne Kramer-Smyth
The Adventure of the Brass Lamp by Margaret Curelas
Arch Nemesis by Jamie Krakover
The Babysitting Job: A Robot Repair Girl Adventure by Josh Pritchett
The Case of the Missing Sherlock by Mary Fan
Chasing the Copper Dragon by Karissa Laurel
Circus in the Sky by Lisa Toohey
Dangerous Territory by Holly Schofield
The Experimental Bug – First Test by Jelani-Akin Parham
Hack by Evangeline Jennings
In a Whole New Light by Michelle Leonard
The Last Android by Paige Daniels
Let Androids Eat Cake by Meg Merriet
The Maker’s Handbook by George Ebey
The Non-Existence of Gravity by Steph Bennion
Nova by Stephen Landry
Our Very Respected and Always Benevolent Leader by Kay Dominguez
Scilla’s Monster by Elisha Betts
Skyris by A.A. Jankiewicz
Sweet Emotion by Bryna Butler
The Swiss Cheese Model by Eric Bakutis
The Verne Shot by Brandon Draga



Brave New Girls: Stories of Girls Who Science and Scheme is the second volume of the Brave New Girls anthology series. The first, Brave New Girls: Tales of Girls and Gadgets was released in June 2015 and has so far raised thousands of dollars for the Society of Women Engineers Scholarship fund. Find it on Amazon.

Be sure to pick up your copy in August 2017! It's going to be an incredible anthology!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Dealing with Rejection

I've been rejected... A LOT. Nearly 150 times. And that's just querying. I've entered contests I haven't gotten into. I've gotten into contests and not gotten requests. I've gotten requests from contests that ultimately turned into rejections. And that's just my writing. That doesn't count the jobs I've been rejected for, auditions I've failed to get, leadership groups I haven't gotten into, awards I've been nominated for and didn't get and on and on. Rejections happens everywhere in life. It hurts. It shouldn't be personal, but it sure as shit feels like it sometimes.

I've watched people I've come up through the writing ranks with get agents, book deals, and see their books get published. I've cheered for them and helped them. I've watched people that started after me succeed. Get agents, get book deals, get published. I've cheered for them as well. I love watching people succeed. But that still doesn't change the fact that rejection hurts. A LOT.

I've watched people explain their path to success. Y person entered x contest 3 times and finally got in. (I did too and didn't). So and so got his or her agent on their third manuscript (I'm on my fourth, third that I'm looking at querying). That person got a book deal without an agent (I have no book deals.) and on and on. It's so hard to keep going when you feel like you're behind people. And it's even harder to not compare yourself to others.

I've been thanked in so many books I've lost count. I appreciate the recognition and I'm so glad I was able to help so many others succeed. But that doesn't change the fact that I have a goal. A goal to see my name on the cover of a book, to walk into a book store and see my book on the shelf, to sign books for excited readers, to get fan mail, and one day maybe some fan art for the characters and worlds I've created.

But every time my email goes off my heart sinks. Is this another rejection? Or maybe it's just email. And the silence hurts more. Did they even get my email? Are they ignoring me? Are they ever going to respond? Who even knows anymore. It all hurts so much sometimes.
As a look back on where I started though, that's where thing start to make a little sense. I made mistakes. LOTS OF THEM. I started my first book with someone waking up and staring at themselves in the mirror and describing themselves. I didn't even finish that book.

Then euphoria, I finished a book. I proved to myself I could do it. I researched querying and then the rejections started flowing in. No requests. I entered contests and didn't get in I researched some more. I entered more contests got into a couple. No requests. How embarrassing... I got more feedback and did more research and BAM some partial requests. I never made it to fulls.

Another idea, another manuscript. I proved to myself I could complete more than one. I entered contests I got interest, but didn't get in. Then I got into a contest and actually got requests... for fulls. And I queried and got more requests for partials and fulls. And then the rejections started rolling in. I didn't get much feedback and felt lost. How do I fix this? Is it subjective? Is there something else wrong? I got more feedback from CPS. I rewrote, I queried some more. Got some more requests that also ultimately turned into rejections. Still no usable feedback. I pushed the MS aside.

I wrote another manuscript. Hey I'm getting pretty good at this. I got some feedback. I edited. I entered a contest and wasn't picked. More hurt and pain and wondering what I'm doing wrong. The answer might be nothing. But my gut tells me there's something I'm missing.

So now what? More research? More feedback? Into the query trenches for ultimately more rejections? I have to go with my gut and dive in for more feedback. But what's even the point? I haven't achieved my goal, and I've watched so many others pass me up.

The journey. I've grown so much as a writer and if I'm being completely honest, writing has helped me grow as a person too. In each step I've learned something. I've gotten a little further down the road. I've met more amazing people. Will my next manuscript be the one? Who even knows? But I have a choice, leave the path forever and never reach my goals, or continue down it and see where it takes me.

I'm the curious type so I'm going to continue down the path. And one day, maybe, I might see my dreams come true. I might get to hold that book with my name on the cover. And to me that image makes it all worth it.

Until then, I keep wandering along the path. Will you join me?

Friday, July 1, 2016

Pitchwars Bio - 2016

Hi all you happy Pitchwars folks! I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself.

I'm Jamie...

I'm a giant nerd!
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:
 Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

In real life...
I love space!

and love superheros!

And sci fi...
to name just a few... (otherwise we might be here all day!)

In my free time (what free time?) I dance...
And cosplay... :D
Rey cosplay

Stargate cosplay
Roy Harper from Arrow cosplay

Me in the STL comic con costume contest as Violet Parr from the Incredibles

I also love to read YA and MG!
My dog Sophie
And of course I'm a writer! I write MG and YA scifi and fantasy.
(don't act so surprised by the genres :-P)

And for Pitchwars I'll be subbing a MG fantasy about a girl... who can change into...
BUT... she doesn't want anything to do with being a dragon...

So I'll leave you there... for now...

But I will say, with each manuscript I've completed and queried, I've learned more and more about the process and improved each step of the way. I've gotten full requests that ultimately turned into no's and I just didn't quite connect enough's, so I really want to work with someone to make sure my manuscript is at that next level and has that "it" factor. I'm ready and willing to make my manuscript shine no matter what it takes.

All in all, I'm really looking forward to getting to know the Pitchwars mentors and participants, maybe swapping some chapters, hopefully really improving my manuscript, geeking out over books, and just saying hi. So hit me up on twitter and make sure you...
and that's me... in my tiny car...

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Strong Female Characters

First, I know I haven't blogged in forever. No I haven't forgotten, but to say life got a tad bit busy is the understatement of the century. That said, I wanted to take a brief moment to talk about something extremely impactful that happened to me this weekend at comic con. Yes, I said comic con.

I've always believed strong female characters and their representation are super important. I'm an aerospace engineer. A women in a male dominated field. I spend a lot of my time trying to defend women in STEM fields, and serve as a role model for future females pursuing STEM fields. It's not an easy task. It seems to be never ending.

But starting at comic con this weekend, I witnessed some interesting things with respect to strong female characters. It started with a lovely discussion about strong female characters at a leading ladies panel Friday night at comic con. And no one in the room denied that strong female characters are not only critical, but they are necessary. We named strong female characters, and the qualities that made them so. It seemed so obvious to me then. But I don't think I had a full understanding of how essential strong female characters are until I showed up to comic con in my Rey cosplay and started walking around in the crowds.

First, I must note, that Rey was by far one of the most popular costumes at comic con. And while that isn't overly shocking, it's Star Wars, it's a fairly easy costume, and she's awesome, keep in mind only a handful of those Rey cosplays were adults. That's right, most of the 25 or so Rey's I saw, were young girls.

Every time I passed one, they smiled so hugely at me, and as I waved, they waved back. Without a doubt, it's an amazing thing to see that many young girls identifying with a character enough to want to portray her.

But of bigger note was the number of girls, who ran up to me and asked to take a picture. Including these two, who without any inhibition ran up and hugged me then told me how Rey was their favorite character.

And I see some of you rolling your eyes through your computer screen right now, but it wasn't just girls who responded to Rey. Let's talk about this little Kylo Ren, who I only had to hold out my light saber before he lunged at me ready for a fight. He didn't care that I was bigger than him, that I was girl or about the standard female stereotypes we often face when it comes to female heroes. The only thing that mattered was he knew Kylo Ren and Rey were supposed to fight and I held out a lightsaber. So he went for it and loved every minute of it!

There was also this boy who really wanted to take a picture with two strong female leads, but was so afraid to ask. So I asked him if he wanted a photo and he nodded shyly. You can't beat that grin on his face. He clearly loved being able to pose with two awesome female characters.

And I wont even go into the number of adults who screamed REY at me all weekend or smiled widely as I walked by. People love her and it's for so so many reasons. She's strong, she's a fighter, she's caring, she's a pilot, she's a budding jedi, she's so many wonderful and amazing things. She feels real. She feels human.

So after all of this, the excited young boys and girls, and enthusiastic adults, why are we still having to defend strong female characters? Why are we having to fight to get our female lead movies?

There's clearly a love for these kinds of characters. There's an audience there. We need to keep giving these examples to children. Girls need these role models. They need strong women to look up to. They need to know women can do anything. Boys need these role models. They need to see strong women are amazing. That they aren't a threat to them.

The more we see them, the more normal they are in the world. Their representation is important.


After this weekend, I know how much impact one strong female character can have. Let's flood the world with them in any way possible. Recognize them, write them, draw them, defend them, whatever it takes. Let's make a difference.

Who are your favorite strong female characters and why? And who is missing from the big screen? Let's bring these awesome characters to the surface.

And if you have strong female REAL LIFE role models, I want to hear about them too. Sound off in the comments. :)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The REAL Adventures of a Newlywed - Day 6

Friday, October 16, 2015
6am ... I'm awake... ish... at least it's Friday... Sleeping in is only a day away!

I make breakfast and grab the milk from the fridge cursing the giant box of cake. I'm amazed I still haven't knocked something all over the floor. It's only a matter of time.

Watching the news... winter is coming.... ugh... cold weather *GROAN*

The dog is trying my patience this morning. She's into everything... Maybe she knows it's almost the weekend too.

I head into the bedroom to finish getting ready. Andrew is just getting out of bed. How are we both moving so slow this morning? I settle for a polo and jeans cause it's Friday. Then slip on my Star Labs hoodie cause it's comfy and head out to work.

7:30am I log into my computer and wish a coworker happy birthday by "singing" to him via Lync messenger... Yeah that's the closest thing you'll ever hear from me in terms of singing *tone deaf* He tells me to wait for his email... I'm curious and frightened all at once, but I start digging into my own emails.

8am  Andrew asks me where the left over lightsaber keychains are. I told him I hid them from him. I'm apparently a dead woman now MUAHAHAHA. It's funny how possessive we are over them when there's only a couple bucks online.

8:30am After saying happy birthday to said coworker in person and snagging a doughnut that I probably don't need. I take my laptop into the conference room to run our tagup meeting.

9am Ask coworker about the lightsaber keychain that I gave him. It was apparently a huge hit with his daughters and their robotics team. And then he went to happy hour and the bartender offered to buy him a drink in exchange for the keychain. I need to carry extras of those everywhere! FOR REAL! Who knew lightsaber keychains could be used as currency?

9:30am Safety training. Hot dog! Safety first friends. Safety first.

12pm went to lunch with coworkers, again joked about the impending name change. Top choices are Pi, or the engineer formally known as Jamie Krakover

1pm I take a survey, this is the first time i get to check the box "Lives with spouse" Had to think about it for a second before I answered, but that is in fact the correct answer.

I start to dig into life changes on my work benefits... holy moly there's a lot more here than I expected... So many questions. On the plus side, my tax form now says I'm married! SCORE!

4:30pm I head to petsmart to pick up dog food. I havent had time to get any until now. Good thing we still had one container. After thag it's to the grocery store for a few needed items. We dont need tons and we're leaving town in a week.

5:30pm I stand in front of the TV for workout number two of the week. I start dying about five minutes in but i make it through the whole thing.

7:15pm We arrive at my mom's house to get presents that were sent there and drop off some extra kippot from the ceremony. Those will float around our family for years and come out during holidays.

7:30pm We head to my coworkers house for birthday celebration. We get lots of congrats and talk sbout the wedding. I give tips to one coworker who is getting married next month.

There's a lot of questions about how newlywed life is. My standard response comes all 6 days of it have been awesome.

We laugh and joke about a lot of stuff. When we get ready to leave there's a joke about us going home so we can still enjoy being newly married. Neither of us deny it.

Friday, October 16, 2015

The REAL Adventures of a Newlywed - Day 5

Thursday, October 15, 2015
5:30am The alarm goes off. I'm tired but it's the usual everyday tired not the zombie like exhaustion that has been seeping through my bones the last week. I check Twitter then roll over and snooze for a bit.

6am I basically ignore my second alarm but get up when Andrew's alarm goes off. My body hurts. My shoulders, abs and thighs are all sore from my workout. I'm not all that surprised. I stumble around in pain trying to get ready. Andrew asks what time it is then goes back to bed. The dog stays with him. TRAITOR.

I make breakfast. As soon as I pour the cereal the dog emerges and wants to go out. I see how it is...
After taking the dog out, I put the cookies in the car so I remember to bring them today. Then I dig the milk out of the fridge. Maneuvering in there is like a slide puzzle with all that left over cake. But it's cake so I'm not complaining...

I plop in front of the TV to eat and surf the web mindlessly for a bit. When I get up to get ready Andrew is in the shower. CUE BATHROOM INVASION! I'm in an out in less than five minutes and on my way to work.

7:20ish am Cookies are on my desk! Score one for the day. I get logged into my computer and actually remember my password this morning. Run into a coworker I haven't seen in years who apparently knows one of my other coworkers. I'm always amazed at how small this enormous world feels sometimes... And after a quick conversation it's off to emails!

Looks like my coworker brought in cookies too. We are now drowning in them... There are worse problems to have.

9am Get an email from my sister about wedding planning. The fun begins :) I can't wait to help her plan her big day. Hopefully we are skilled experts at this point. She luckily gets to learn from all our missteps.

9:30am a quick tagup with the SWE planning team. They want to know about the wedding then we launch into business. I think we talked longer about the wedding than business. oh well.
Andrew messages me to tell me his brain is mush and he's not sure why... Welcome to the club... it's cause BIG EMOTIONAL RELEASE!

And I get a message about some confusing deadlines... one calendar says tomorrow the other says next Friday. It's definitely next Friday. I blame wedding brain cause that's totally a thing! (If not it is now!)

It's noon and some coworkers want to go to lunch. How is the day more than half over already? We talk about past work experiences, then talk about how long we've been with the company. One of my coworkers jokes I'm as old as the development of the digits in pi. I laugh and promise to steal it to use on someone else :-P Then it's back to my desk for more work! Never a dull moment!

4pm I stop at the jewelry store to get my engagement ring and wedding band soldered together. They say it'll take 45 minutes. I run home, let the dog out, grab my computer and my wedding dress.
I drop my dress off to be cleaned and preserved. It costs an arm and a leg and I wont get it back for at least two and a half weeks, but it should be worth it. It's the last large sum of wedding I hope to spend outside of the honeymoon, which will again be TOTALLY worth it. The wedding is over and yet there are still wedding type things to take care of. It never ends!

5:15pm I trot into Kaldi's and sit down at my weekly write in. I haven't been here in two weeks and probably haven't written anything constructive in over a month. I'm excited to put some words on the page!

My mom calls. We're still somehow talking about the wedding. Mostly presents, but she never got a call from the florist about the fact that they didn't do the flowers right. While very pretty, they weren't what we asked for. She was promised a call from the owner and never got one. Where is customer service these days???

6:30pm My gluteus maximus hurts... Curse that workout yesterday....

6:45pm I'm freezing... I want my Star Labs hoodie **cries** Why did I leave that at home? It's practically glued to me most days. *favorite hoodie*

6:55pm I finally open my word document to start writing... headphones in... **dives into the dragon's lair**

7pm **light saber sounds** cue text messages from my mom... More wedding presents have arrived at her house.


1 hour and 540 words later, I call it quits. I've done better in the past, but I've also done much worse. It'll take some time to get back into a rhythm. It will come. I hope.

9pm I get home and I'm on the hunt for a dress to wear to my friend's wedding on Saturday. Because let's face it, I've had not time until now to really figure that out. The first dress is one I bought my freshman year of college. I almost fit in it again. I'm shocked! But it's just a tad tight and I'm not going to be uncomfortable all night. The second dress I put on is the winner! It fits better than when I bought it! SCORE! And Andrew likes the dress, like really likes it. DOUBLE SCORE! And I get to wear my super cute but super high heels. My feet will be dying by the end of the night. Oh well the price I pay for cute.

I watch an episode of Ellen then head off to bed. Andrew is already there playing with his new computer. (No that's not a euphemism) I lay down next to him but Andrew gets a work call and I pass out. I have no idea what time he actually goes to sleep. Such is life...

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The REAL Adventures of a Newlywed - Day 4

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
5:30 comes way WAY too soon. Even though I slept like a rock, I'm still exhausted. Why did I ever think this was a good time to get up for work?

6am the alarm goes off again. I seriously contemplate a sick day, but I've missed enough work. Five minutes later Andrew's alarm goes off and I want to chuck it out the window! I finally crawl out of bed and stumble around like a drunken idiot to try and get ready for the day. Andrew mumbles at me to close the bathroom door because the light is bothering him. I'd love to still be in bed too buddy!
I take the dog out... Why is it so cold? ugh I hate winter and it's not even winter yet. I surf the web in a daze and watch the news while I eat breakfast. I'm so slow the dog nearly enjoys my breakfast for me... At least one of us is on our game.

7:30am I slink into my desk and realize I left the cookies I was going to bring into work on the counter. Oh well I guess I'll bring them tomorrow. I log into my computer and I get my password right on the second try. I'm almost awake I swear!

Email boots up, 122 emails, 17 notifications, and 2 voicemails... could be worse, but it'll take me probably half a day to dig out of this pile. Then another bit of time to figure out what the heck I was working on a week ago...

I catch up with co-workers. They ask how things went and comment on how tired I look. Guess I'm not hiding that as well as I thought. Note to self, go to bed at 8:30pm tonight (like that will happen)

8:30am Time for our team tagup. I've made it through about 20 emails but now I have to go run the meeting. So glad to be back :-P The team asks to see some wedding photos then we launch into real work. At the end of the meeting, we joke about my upcoming name change and my manager tells the team to email me with suggestions... Looks like Junior High might not be the last time I get really horrible nicknames ;)

9:30am A quick tagup with my mentor talking about my wedding and his son's that is next weekend. Then I stop by to say hi to my old group. Then it's back to my desk to continue to dig out of my email pile.

10:30am I'm starving. Is it time for lunch yet? I scarf down the half of a banana that isn't bruised but I'm still hungry... Contemplates eating stupid early... Also I'm only up to midday Friday on emails... still chugging along...

I'm down to 69 unread emails... **snickers** I'm such a child. Carries on...
I trek to the building next door to use the restroom since ours are closed for construction while they install new air conditioning units. It looks/sounds like Dexter's clean room over there... so much plastic and sawing noises.

Andrew messages me about computer toys. I send him "OK" as a response but don't have time to read the link.

And oh look it's after 11am so I can acceptably eat lunch now! YAY! **keeps reading emails**

11:30am I jump on a virtual call with only 30 emails left to go. I think I can I think I can...
And back to emails. The first one involves a database glitch. One of the images we uploaded has been replaced by the picture of a jellyfish and the inquiry is about whether or not I did that intentionally. While I'd love to take credit for that, I unfortunately can't. And even though jellyfish might be water dynamic, they certainly don't belong on aircraft. Neither do snakes for that matter... never a dull moment.

I looked away for a short bit and I'm back up to 33 emails... They're multiplying like tribbles or gremlins who got wet and ate after midnight... UGH.

HOLY MOLY I'm actually up to Wednesday in my inbox... almost there...

2pm I finally cleaned out my inbox, and by clean I mean deleted everything I could address quickly. There's still a handful of stuff in there I need to deal with but it's time for another meeting...

3pm DEAR GOD IS IT TIME TO GO HOME YET? And the construction guys are bowling with lord knows what behind that plastic resembling Dexter's clean room. **cries**

5pm I'm home and ready to return to my workout routine... Why in the world did I think it was a good idea to start on the highest level after a week of not exercising...CURSE YOU T-25 GAMMA! sooooo sore

I write two thank you notes... for the gift that arrived today... hey small victories.

Andrew and I eat dinner while watching Ellen. Justin Theroux is on and conveniently talking about being a newlywed. He says wife is such a fun word. I prod Andrew about it and he mumbles something under his breath. Ahhh married life ;)

Browsing through facebook, I see pictures of other friends' weddings that were on the same day as ours. Look they're cutting the cake and there's a plate and fork... how cute... why didn't we have a fork? I think I still have cake on my face 4 days later!

It's Andrew's turn for thank you note writing. He says he's going to write three... cause he always has to one up me ;) So I give him crap about the fact that I'm almost done with all of mine. Fair is fair ;) I at least address the envelops for him.

8:30pm I make fun of Scream Queens and tell Andrew that "I love that he's a man" He replies "I'm sure you do baby." *wink wink*

9pm time for cake... cause cake... you can never have to much. Andrew says I'm going to give him another cavity but doesn't argue too much ;) Then he retreats downstairs having only written two thank you notes. Hey it's something. (and for the record, WE TIED) :-P

Survivor ends and I slink off to bed... Alone. Andrew is still downstairs... not sure how he can stay up so late... I'm jealous.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The REAL Adventures of a Newlywed - Day 3

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

5am and the dog wants out. I slink out of bed take her out and head back to sleep. Andrew doesn't wake up.

6:30am Andrew's alarm goes off. He's headed back to work today, but I roll over and try to pass back out. My phone starts going off at 7am. Text messages, Facebook messages, emails... I should really mute that thing. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS I NEED SLEEP! Oh well, at least I'm awake to say goodbye to Andrew. Then I roll back over and go back to sleep again.

9am I actually get out of bed. The dog has had enough and wants to go out again. I finally feel like a person again. I grab the new blanket out of the dryer and remake the bed.

I chat with my sister about her wedding. There's drama already and it's 11 months away. I feel bad cause I remember it all like it was yesterday...cause it pretty much was. I know it'll all work out and try to reassure her, but remember my state at that point and know I probably wouldn't have listened to me at this point either. I'm in for the long haul and I so unbelievably excited to help make her day as special as mine was.

I pick up the letter from the city, something about a building inspection that wasn't completed when the previous owners did an addition. I call both numbers to get more information but neither guys answer. I leave a message for the main guy and give him my married name and say my husband and I bought the house in May. Husband... wow that sounds weird. Weirder than fiance did when it was new.

After that I slink over to couch and continue operation clean out DVR. I have every intention of not moving from this couch today until tonight when some of my friends who are in town are supposed to head over for dinner at 6. I'm not sure how many are coming yet, I invited spouses and kids, but some think their kids will destroy the place, eat all the pizza, or kill me with questions. I like kids so I don't mind, but I bow to them on the final decision. Besides my house can't be anymore destroyed than it already is, there's still presents, food, and stuff everywhere. I'm working on cleaning up. Either way I should have ample time to clean, catch up on TV, and relax :)

I open email and social media and start to catch up on more messages as I watch. This is the life. Too bad I have to go back to work tomorrow. I will enjoy today though.

11am the doorbell rings. It's FedEx with a GIANT box from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The box is mutilated. I don't understand why these boxes never get here in one piece, but all I can think about is the additional thank you notes I must write. Never a dull moment!

12pm I sit down to write more thank you notes. It takes me an hour to write ten, but that's ten less that I have to write now.

1pm I'm looking for an old email and stumble upon a short email exchange between Andrew and I from the first time we dated in 2008. Start to gush about the fact that I actually kept it, even if it didn't work out that time. I guess my subconscious knew something I didn't ;)

5:30pm get a call for Mrs. Meyer. I'm literally confused for half a second before things sink in. We get the building permit thing sorted out. Nothing we are responsible for thankfully. One less thing to worry about :)

6:15pm the camp girls start arriving for dinner. We order Imos pizza, salad, and toasted ravioli. We watch the baseball game. The cardinals lose :( A sad sad end to the season. I guess the Cubs can fulfill their Back to the Future prophecy now. We move on from the game, eat dinner and chat for a while, catching up and laughing like we always do. It's like no time ever passes when we meet up. I don't get to see them enough, but we always have a blast and I cherish the time we do get to spend together. The girls leave around 9pm, but luckily I'll get to see them on Saturday for another wedding :)

I sit down to finish a show I started before the girls arrived. And now it's time for bed cause I have to go back to work tomorrow. Sad times. I'm going to miss the time off, but the real world awaits.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The REAL Adventures of a Newlywed - Day 2

Monday, October 12, 2015

Wake up EXHAUSTED... What day is it? How is it 9am already? My body is warm and dead... nothing wants to move. I check my phone... How do I have 150,000 emails? oh 149,990 are facebook comments and pictures we've been tagged in! We both feel so loved!

I eventually slink to the bathroom to put in contacts. How am I still so EXHAUSTED???

I step on the scale in the bathroom. My weight is down from what I expected and I haven't worked out in almost a week. How is this even possible? Before the wedding I would have gained a million pounds if I didn't work out for a week... Thanks stress! Either way, small victory that I didn't gain a metric ton of weight! I quietly vow to start working out on Wednesday after I get back to work even though I should probably start today... But I'm way WAY too tired! Plus we have stuff to do.

I finally get my butt in the shower. I start to feel more human. I also get the idea for this set of blog posts. I start running with it. But I'm out of time and have to finish getting ready so Andrew and I can return duplicate and broken  presents and buy a few much needed items off our registry. In between getting ready, I field phone calls. I accidentally give someone my maiden name... That's going to take some serious getting used to... when I decide what I actually want my name to be... even if I haven't officially changed anything yet. Soooo not looking forward to that process. I keep thinking of the million things that my name is on that will need to be changed. All in due time...

I scarf down two leftover cinnamon rolls. It's such a glamorous breakfast. But it lets us finally get out of the house.

We stop at the bank to make a deposit then meet with Andrew's financial analyst who I've never met. He's a nice guy but we don't stay long... Too much to do.

We run to Target to try and figure out who the mystery gift is from but they can't help. That's a shame, I'd really like to thank someone for that electric screw gun... I guess we're screwed...

We grab the couple items we really need including our bluray player cause its on sale YAY! All in all between coupons and sales, we save $80. I'll take it!

We move next door to bed bath and beyond to exchange a broken gift and return some duplicates. We head to the back of the store to grab a copy of our registry. The woman back there asks us if we know about their completion event that we apparently should have been told about when we created our registry. We joke with the woman about being married two days and if Andrew is the guy i married. It was probably way funnier in person than it sounds on here. We still decide to pick up another couple of needed items. Apparently my definition of need and Andrew's is slightly different. Welcome to married life ;) But we wander the aisles looking for things on our registry... We only registered 6 months ago... why has everything in the story moved? Of course I can't find anything cause of course! But somehow we make it through the store... and pay using our store credit YAY for that!

We head out to go start discussing honeymoon plans! We both could use a vacation right about now! Holy moly are we still tired. We can't wait to get out of here! Too bad we have to wait til January. At least we will get some amazing weather and skip out on some of the cold! Hawaii here we come!

We stop at the grocery store on the way home. Picking up a handful of items plus something for dinner takes three times longer than it probably should. If anyone finds my brain please let me know... I'm guessing I ate in my zombie like state.

We finally get home. I grab a late lunch and start in on the 1 billion thank you notes I have to write. I make a dent, but i start realizing there's probably more gifts coming. Some of the stuff off our registry hasn't arrived yet.  **groan** I'll be writing these things FOREVER. So glad I already wrote all the thank you's for the gifts we got before the wedding!

Then I start operation clean out DVR. It's nice and relaxing. I make a small dent but then it's time for dinner. We get everything cooking and sit down to watch Heroes reborn. We start some laundry. Then dinner is ready and we watch Quantico. We do dishes and start the dishwasher. And then it's time for Big Bang Theory. Leonard and Penny are newlyweds too, but their lives seem so much simpler. Being a newlywed is soooo not that easy but they have a "dog" just like us. Wow we are so glamorous! Two days in and we're already an old married couple. Until we starting playing footsy on the couch... we like to push each others buttons. That hasn't changed.

Andrew starts throwing out silly Halloween costume ideas he sees online, sexy sorcerer's apprentice, strawberry shortcake, sexy darth vader... why is everything sexy? then there's sexy chewbaccca ... there's nothing sexy about a walking carpet... I'll stick to cosplay thanks ;)

And now it's time for bed... cause TIRED... I'm sensing a theme here... :-P