Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The REAL Adventures of a Newlywed - Day 3

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

5am and the dog wants out. I slink out of bed take her out and head back to sleep. Andrew doesn't wake up.

6:30am Andrew's alarm goes off. He's headed back to work today, but I roll over and try to pass back out. My phone starts going off at 7am. Text messages, Facebook messages, emails... I should really mute that thing. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS I NEED SLEEP! Oh well, at least I'm awake to say goodbye to Andrew. Then I roll back over and go back to sleep again.

9am I actually get out of bed. The dog has had enough and wants to go out again. I finally feel like a person again. I grab the new blanket out of the dryer and remake the bed.

I chat with my sister about her wedding. There's drama already and it's 11 months away. I feel bad cause I remember it all like it was yesterday...cause it pretty much was. I know it'll all work out and try to reassure her, but remember my state at that point and know I probably wouldn't have listened to me at this point either. I'm in for the long haul and I so unbelievably excited to help make her day as special as mine was.

I pick up the letter from the city, something about a building inspection that wasn't completed when the previous owners did an addition. I call both numbers to get more information but neither guys answer. I leave a message for the main guy and give him my married name and say my husband and I bought the house in May. Husband... wow that sounds weird. Weirder than fiance did when it was new.

After that I slink over to couch and continue operation clean out DVR. I have every intention of not moving from this couch today until tonight when some of my friends who are in town are supposed to head over for dinner at 6. I'm not sure how many are coming yet, I invited spouses and kids, but some think their kids will destroy the place, eat all the pizza, or kill me with questions. I like kids so I don't mind, but I bow to them on the final decision. Besides my house can't be anymore destroyed than it already is, there's still presents, food, and stuff everywhere. I'm working on cleaning up. Either way I should have ample time to clean, catch up on TV, and relax :)

I open email and social media and start to catch up on more messages as I watch. This is the life. Too bad I have to go back to work tomorrow. I will enjoy today though.

11am the doorbell rings. It's FedEx with a GIANT box from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The box is mutilated. I don't understand why these boxes never get here in one piece, but all I can think about is the additional thank you notes I must write. Never a dull moment!

12pm I sit down to write more thank you notes. It takes me an hour to write ten, but that's ten less that I have to write now.

1pm I'm looking for an old email and stumble upon a short email exchange between Andrew and I from the first time we dated in 2008. Start to gush about the fact that I actually kept it, even if it didn't work out that time. I guess my subconscious knew something I didn't ;)

5:30pm get a call for Mrs. Meyer. I'm literally confused for half a second before things sink in. We get the building permit thing sorted out. Nothing we are responsible for thankfully. One less thing to worry about :)

6:15pm the camp girls start arriving for dinner. We order Imos pizza, salad, and toasted ravioli. We watch the baseball game. The cardinals lose :( A sad sad end to the season. I guess the Cubs can fulfill their Back to the Future prophecy now. We move on from the game, eat dinner and chat for a while, catching up and laughing like we always do. It's like no time ever passes when we meet up. I don't get to see them enough, but we always have a blast and I cherish the time we do get to spend together. The girls leave around 9pm, but luckily I'll get to see them on Saturday for another wedding :)

I sit down to finish a show I started before the girls arrived. And now it's time for bed cause I have to go back to work tomorrow. Sad times. I'm going to miss the time off, but the real world awaits.

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