Monday, October 12, 2015

The REAL Adventures of a Newlywed - Day 1

Sunday, October 11, 2015
Wake up a Mrs...
Mrs. Zombie that is... I'm freaking tired...

Stumble around... looking for something to satisfy... that hunger... BRAINS...


That's not the right kind of hunger ... neeeeeeeed foood.

Get dressed and head down stairs and pack up the car. Decide I'm going to eat my arm off if I dont get food so we head to the restaurant. Tag up with friends and mumble incoherently about needing food.

Get food and collapse in the chair. Feel a little better and reminisce with friends. The inlaws walk in and join us... Holy shizzz I have inlaws...

We eat, we talk. Then it's time for everyone to start hitting the road. Time for goodbyes. I start crying. There's more crying during this time than there was during my entire wedding.
DEAR GOD... I'm a hormonal teenager... no I'm a hormonal preteen zombie... What is wrong with me??

Someone asks if i need help packing up the rest of my stuff. We head upstairs to finish up. Why in the hell do we have so much stuff, we've only been here two days.

We pack up the car, but we still have to pack up the hospitality suite.

OMG why is there so much food left over. Who wants what? I will never eat all this stuff... wait who am i kidding I can eat whatever I want, I don't have to fit into a dress anymore.

The hotel manager comes in with boxes to help us. My future brother-in-law gets caught "stealing" hotel pens... she lets him have them while my sister and I laugh hysterically in the corner.

We're almost ready to head out but my sister wants to look at invite and save the date samples at some point and my mom wants to do it now. We all plop down and pick our favorites. We have 11 months to finish planning her wedding. Everyone stand up and switch places. She's the bride to be and I'm the matron of honor. CUE MORE PLANNING!

We head out and FINALLY get home. But we have to unload the car and the house is now a disaster. When everything is unloaded Andrew crashes in bed watching some old movie and I go pick up the dog. She's pooped when she gets home. We totally know the feeling!

We unpack... how did I have so much stuff at a hotel for two days? EESH What was I thinking?

We call the hotel cause they didn't give us our cake topper or let us know if we had any leftover cake. They cant seem to find it though.

After unpacking we FINALLY open presents. Lots of stuff from our registry. Some cool stuff that isn't. Darth vader/stormtrooper salt and pepper shakers, rubber covers for the microwave, a menorah shaped like a dreidel from Israel. Then we get to a bag secured by a ziptie. Apparently Andrew hates these but he knows exactly who this gift is from and he's right. Some toys for him and stuff for me! And we have only one gift without a card. Not too bad! All in all, we are so thankful for all the wonderful gifts and how thoughtful everyone was!
Our friends call to see what we are up to and we invite them over so we can do dinner together. In the mean time my mom stops by to bring us even more food cause the 800 pounds we already have isnt enough. She wants her basket of kippot back but she manages to leave it. I guess we aren't the only tired ones.

We head out to dinner before our friends son melts down from hunger. I know the feeling kid, I know the feeling! On the way to dinner, we stop by the hotel to give them the smack down. They find our cake topper and box up our cake... it takes FOREVER. Seriously how long does it take to box a cake? Certainly not 20 minutes... This isn't rocket science... In the mean time our friend's son has a metric ton of cookies because he's hungry. World's greatest parents! (no seriously who wouldn't want cookies for dinner?)

We eventually get all our cake and head to dinner. Dinner is good and fun but uneventful and we head home to watch Doctor Who in bed. I pass out ten minutes in... story of my life....


  1. Congratulations, Jamie & spouse! This is the morning after... You made it.