Thursday, January 10, 2013

Venom Readalong Week 1

This post is part of the Venom Readalong. If you haven't checked out Venom I highly recommend it. There's mystery, mischievousness, surprises, fancy dresses, sexy artists, wealthy fiances, gondolas and a whole bunch more set in the beautiful Renaissance Venice.

What do you think of Falco so far? Do you trust him?
I loved Falco almost right off the bat. He was mysterious, handsome, (dare I say sexy?) and quite smooth.

Thoughts on Siena?
I didn't have many thoughts on Siena early on. She seemed loyal to Cass and almost more like a friend than one of her servants.

If you were in Cass's place, would you sneak out and try to solve it or try your best to shake it off?
If I was Cass, I can't say I wouldn't be curious about what happened. But I don't think I'd be sneaking off in the middle of the night to investigate. Then again I may not have found the body in the first place because I often don't spend time in graveyards and I especially don't do it at night. But if I knew something was up I'd cautiously investigate during the day.

Do you have any suspects so far? Answer this ONLY if you haven't read the book!
I've read the book but at this point I didn't have any suspects.

Is it stupid of Cass to trust Falco so much? Would you, in her place?
I think Cass was a bit too trusting this early on but they did seem to have an instant connection and sometimes you have to go with your gut.

Do you think Cass' Aunt Agnese is smothering her?
I think Cass' Aunt is doing what she can to try and turn Cass into a respectable women in her time. Cass is a bit of a rebel and poor Aunt Agnese is at her wits end with what to do with her. So while from Cass' perspective it is a bit smothering, I think Aunt Agnese was just trying to do the right thing and turn Cass into the women her parents would have been proud of.

Did anything seem off about the funeral to you?
No not really. Then again funerals by their nature are uncomfortable, and that's exactly how it felt.

Do you think that Cass is too accepting or not accepting enough of her position in society, or do you feel she is just accepting enough?
I don't think this is really the right question. I think Cass is trying to find out who she is as a person and in doing so she looks like a rebel to the life she was brought up in. I don't think she is ungrateful but I think sometimes in her quest to find who she is she pushes her position in society aside.

Have you noticed any foreshadowing? If so, what? (You don't have to be right, just say what you think!)
Again I've read the book but at this point I didn't see any foreshadowing. I'm really bad at picking up on that stuff.

What do you think about Cass' childhood so far from what we've heard?
At this point, I didn't have too many thoughts about her childhood. It seemed a little more difficult than some in her current position but she was lucky to have family like Aunt Agnese to take her in and care for her.

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