Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Hunger Games: A Perfect Example of How to Effectively Adapt a Book to Movie

Screenwriters, producers, directors, and actors take note, The Hunger Games is exactly how you execute a book to movie adaptation. Were scenes added, things removed, details change? Of course, but it was the exact right blend of those things that made The Hunger Games as a movie such a fantastic adaptation. This is really saying something when you go from inside the head of one character in the book to an outsider perspective in the movie. It's even more powerful when you do this in such a way that anyone including fans of the series and those unfamiliar can understand and fall in love with the story and the characters.

The world The Hunger Games exists in, was built and put to life on the screen in spectacular fashion. The premise and the stakes were clear from the instant the film began and the juxtaposition between The Capital and District 12 was evident right off the bat. It was abundantly clear that The Capital had it all and the districts had nothing.

The right pacing. The story moved and didn't have any extra fluff. They got in all the essentials, told the story and moved on to the next important piece of the puzzle. There were no extraneous scenes and nothing felt out of place. The flow was spot on.

The Additions. The added scenes with Seneca Crane and President Snow not only set the stage for the first movie but also the entire series. They were effective in showing the iron fist with which President Snow rules and controls the twelve districts. The scenes with Caesar Flickerman showed that The Hunger Games above all else is a sport and for the sole entertainment of others, not just a reminder of the past. The control room scenes illustrated that no matter what the tributes did, the gamemaker was still pulling the strings. Finally the scene between Seneca and Haymitch proved the importance of the ideology - if things don't go according to plan you fix it so it does, because if you don't the wildfire gets out of control. All groundwork set forth for the second installment Catching Fire.

Casting. I'll admit I had some reservations about some of the casting. However after seeing the movie, I 100% agree with every single casting decision made. The actors did an amazing job bringing their characters to life and I couldn't have imagined it better myself. In some cases such as Haymitch, I actually enjoyed the movie portrayal better than the book. And that is really saying something.

With that I say a huge thank you to every single person involved in bringing The Hunger Games to life. I've never been so impressed with a book to movie adaptation. It was exactly what I hoped for and you've made fans extremely happy. Thank you for proving that even though nothing can replace the imagination generated from a good book, movies representing the characters and worlds from books can be done right.
The odds are certainly in your favor for future adaptations in the series!


  1. It sounds like they did a fantastic job! I will do my best to go see it.

  2. They really really did! If you've read the books, or even if you haven't, I highly recommend you see it if you get the chance :) It's definitely on the darker side of YA literature.

  3. I'll have to read the series first before I see the movie. Habit of mine. :) Sounds very cool. Looking forward to it. :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. The series is amazing, the premise is a bit disturbing and dark but really well written, and it really sends a message! I'm sure you will love the books :)