Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Muse, a Fickle Beast!

Muse: a goddess that inspires a creative artist*

The definition makes a muse sound so eloquent but let's face it when writing, sometimes the muse is nothing but a downright menace. I've named my muse Orion after the constellation (yea space geek!), but I often wonder if I should have called him Loki. He's one mischievous little bugger.

He rarely cooperates, and likens himself to an unwanted house guest. Showing up at the most inopportune times, taking over with a mind of his own, giving me ideas that either are eight steps ahead of where I am currently or throws entirely unrelated ideas my way, and just when I start to get used to him he takes off on vacation.

Most recently Orion has visited me in the worst possible places. When I'm driving in the car and can't possible write a thing down, and the only place I cant bring a pen and paper, the shower! I find myself scrambling to repeat again and again the ideas so I don't lose them. I know as a writer you should have a pen and paper handy at all times, but that's just insanity! When someone invents a water proof pen and paper for the shower let me know, I'll be forever in your debt. Until then maybe I need a tape recorder for my car. Oh the things a muse will drive you to, and surprisingly it hasn't been off a cliff... at least not literally.

But at the end of the day, I've grown quite fond of Orion's visits. He's been most cooperative these past few days. Lending ideas that will ultimately help me finish my book. And as strange as the hostile takeover is at times, I am quite thankful for my muse, mischievous or not. Because without him, I think I'd be utterly lost, and probably not writing at all!


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