Sunday, October 18, 2015

The REAL Adventures of a Newlywed - Day 6

Friday, October 16, 2015
6am ... I'm awake... ish... at least it's Friday... Sleeping in is only a day away!

I make breakfast and grab the milk from the fridge cursing the giant box of cake. I'm amazed I still haven't knocked something all over the floor. It's only a matter of time.

Watching the news... winter is coming.... ugh... cold weather *GROAN*

The dog is trying my patience this morning. She's into everything... Maybe she knows it's almost the weekend too.

I head into the bedroom to finish getting ready. Andrew is just getting out of bed. How are we both moving so slow this morning? I settle for a polo and jeans cause it's Friday. Then slip on my Star Labs hoodie cause it's comfy and head out to work.

7:30am I log into my computer and wish a coworker happy birthday by "singing" to him via Lync messenger... Yeah that's the closest thing you'll ever hear from me in terms of singing *tone deaf* He tells me to wait for his email... I'm curious and frightened all at once, but I start digging into my own emails.

8am  Andrew asks me where the left over lightsaber keychains are. I told him I hid them from him. I'm apparently a dead woman now MUAHAHAHA. It's funny how possessive we are over them when there's only a couple bucks online.

8:30am After saying happy birthday to said coworker in person and snagging a doughnut that I probably don't need. I take my laptop into the conference room to run our tagup meeting.

9am Ask coworker about the lightsaber keychain that I gave him. It was apparently a huge hit with his daughters and their robotics team. And then he went to happy hour and the bartender offered to buy him a drink in exchange for the keychain. I need to carry extras of those everywhere! FOR REAL! Who knew lightsaber keychains could be used as currency?

9:30am Safety training. Hot dog! Safety first friends. Safety first.

12pm went to lunch with coworkers, again joked about the impending name change. Top choices are Pi, or the engineer formally known as Jamie Krakover

1pm I take a survey, this is the first time i get to check the box "Lives with spouse" Had to think about it for a second before I answered, but that is in fact the correct answer.

I start to dig into life changes on my work benefits... holy moly there's a lot more here than I expected... So many questions. On the plus side, my tax form now says I'm married! SCORE!

4:30pm I head to petsmart to pick up dog food. I havent had time to get any until now. Good thing we still had one container. After thag it's to the grocery store for a few needed items. We dont need tons and we're leaving town in a week.

5:30pm I stand in front of the TV for workout number two of the week. I start dying about five minutes in but i make it through the whole thing.

7:15pm We arrive at my mom's house to get presents that were sent there and drop off some extra kippot from the ceremony. Those will float around our family for years and come out during holidays.

7:30pm We head to my coworkers house for birthday celebration. We get lots of congrats and talk sbout the wedding. I give tips to one coworker who is getting married next month.

There's a lot of questions about how newlywed life is. My standard response comes all 6 days of it have been awesome.

We laugh and joke about a lot of stuff. When we get ready to leave there's a joke about us going home so we can still enjoy being newly married. Neither of us deny it.

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