Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The REAL Adventures of a Newlywed - Day 2

Monday, October 12, 2015

Wake up EXHAUSTED... What day is it? How is it 9am already? My body is warm and dead... nothing wants to move. I check my phone... How do I have 150,000 emails? oh 149,990 are facebook comments and pictures we've been tagged in! We both feel so loved!

I eventually slink to the bathroom to put in contacts. How am I still so EXHAUSTED???

I step on the scale in the bathroom. My weight is down from what I expected and I haven't worked out in almost a week. How is this even possible? Before the wedding I would have gained a million pounds if I didn't work out for a week... Thanks stress! Either way, small victory that I didn't gain a metric ton of weight! I quietly vow to start working out on Wednesday after I get back to work even though I should probably start today... But I'm way WAY too tired! Plus we have stuff to do.

I finally get my butt in the shower. I start to feel more human. I also get the idea for this set of blog posts. I start running with it. But I'm out of time and have to finish getting ready so Andrew and I can return duplicate and broken  presents and buy a few much needed items off our registry. In between getting ready, I field phone calls. I accidentally give someone my maiden name... That's going to take some serious getting used to... when I decide what I actually want my name to be... even if I haven't officially changed anything yet. Soooo not looking forward to that process. I keep thinking of the million things that my name is on that will need to be changed. All in due time...

I scarf down two leftover cinnamon rolls. It's such a glamorous breakfast. But it lets us finally get out of the house.

We stop at the bank to make a deposit then meet with Andrew's financial analyst who I've never met. He's a nice guy but we don't stay long... Too much to do.

We run to Target to try and figure out who the mystery gift is from but they can't help. That's a shame, I'd really like to thank someone for that electric screw gun... I guess we're screwed...

We grab the couple items we really need including our bluray player cause its on sale YAY! All in all between coupons and sales, we save $80. I'll take it!

We move next door to bed bath and beyond to exchange a broken gift and return some duplicates. We head to the back of the store to grab a copy of our registry. The woman back there asks us if we know about their completion event that we apparently should have been told about when we created our registry. We joke with the woman about being married two days and if Andrew is the guy i married. It was probably way funnier in person than it sounds on here. We still decide to pick up another couple of needed items. Apparently my definition of need and Andrew's is slightly different. Welcome to married life ;) But we wander the aisles looking for things on our registry... We only registered 6 months ago... why has everything in the story moved? Of course I can't find anything cause of course! But somehow we make it through the store... and pay using our store credit YAY for that!

We head out to go start discussing honeymoon plans! We both could use a vacation right about now! Holy moly are we still tired. We can't wait to get out of here! Too bad we have to wait til January. At least we will get some amazing weather and skip out on some of the cold! Hawaii here we come!

We stop at the grocery store on the way home. Picking up a handful of items plus something for dinner takes three times longer than it probably should. If anyone finds my brain please let me know... I'm guessing I ate in my zombie like state.

We finally get home. I grab a late lunch and start in on the 1 billion thank you notes I have to write. I make a dent, but i start realizing there's probably more gifts coming. Some of the stuff off our registry hasn't arrived yet.  **groan** I'll be writing these things FOREVER. So glad I already wrote all the thank you's for the gifts we got before the wedding!

Then I start operation clean out DVR. It's nice and relaxing. I make a small dent but then it's time for dinner. We get everything cooking and sit down to watch Heroes reborn. We start some laundry. Then dinner is ready and we watch Quantico. We do dishes and start the dishwasher. And then it's time for Big Bang Theory. Leonard and Penny are newlyweds too, but their lives seem so much simpler. Being a newlywed is soooo not that easy but they have a "dog" just like us. Wow we are so glamorous! Two days in and we're already an old married couple. Until we starting playing footsy on the couch... we like to push each others buttons. That hasn't changed.

Andrew starts throwing out silly Halloween costume ideas he sees online, sexy sorcerer's apprentice, strawberry shortcake, sexy darth vader... why is everything sexy? then there's sexy chewbaccca ... there's nothing sexy about a walking carpet... I'll stick to cosplay thanks ;)

And now it's time for bed... cause TIRED... I'm sensing a theme here... :-P

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