Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Importance of a Voice

As writers we talk about voice, a lot. About how important is to have a unique voice that stands out and draws the reader in. But there is another voice that is equally important. The one each and every one of us has. The unique perspective we each have on life. This is why we write, to share our unique experiences with others. To speak for the thousands of voices shouting in our heads.

Last night in Texas, one woman proved the power of one voice. She refused to sit by and let something she believed in be trampled. As writers this is something we do every time we put words on the page. We speak for those who refuse to sit by idol and not be heard. Those voices may not always be real, but they definitely have something to say. They have meaning.

This morning as I woke up to a storm on Twitter, I realized the power behind a single voice. How one person can rally hundreds and thousands of voices to be heard. If it wasn't for the writing community bringing to light such an important issue, I would have never known what happened in Texas. Thanks to the news, this important historic event was nearly ignored and forgotten. But the writing community used their voices to not only support one voice but to amplify it to the world. The writing community made the voices heard. Because this is what we do as writers. We use our voices, we put them out in the world, and sometimes, we change it.

I want to say a huge thank you to writing community. As always, you stood strong and do what you do best. You used your voices!

As we go into today and more big decisions, keep doing what you do best. Be loud, be proud, and spread the word! Be the amplifier for the voices in the world!

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